Tube London

Tonight is a big night and for London’s tube drivers it will be a long one. Our wait is over and it is finally here, London Night Tube!

We could not be more excited as all our weekenders will find their journey back to the hotel after a night out very convenient and easy from now on. Victoria Line is one of the first lines to launch its 24-hour service and it stops at Victoria station, only a few minutes from the hotel.

Here’s what to know about London Night Tube:

What is it?

This launch means that all Victoria and Central line stops (Central has reduced service Ealing Broadway/Hainhul) will be open 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays, starting this weekend

When is it launching?

The Night Tube will officially start Friday 19th August

Which lines are included?

The first two lines to launch its 24-hour services are Victoria and Central Line. The Northern, Jubilee and Piccadilly lines are expected to join in during the autumn, but date is still to be confirmed.

How often will the trains be running?

On average the trains will be running every ten minutes on Victoria Line!

How can you use it?

When in London, you will need an Oyster card to get around with tube, bus, train or boat. This can be purchased at most stations and can be bought for £5 (which you get back when you return the card). You can then top up the card for single journeys or purchase day cards.

How much will it cost?

Depending on which zones you are travelling to and from, the price will vary, but regular off-peak prices apply so no getting overcharged at night! Find more info here

What does it mean for Eccleston Square Hotel and our guests?

Being located only a few minutes walk from Victoria station, our guests can get to the hotel quick and easy from locations around London, 24/7! Our Night Team will be welcoming you back from your night out.

What else?

Come to London and stay on the night tube!

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Good night!

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