Autumn, St James's Park

London is wonderful all year round but we must admit, there’s something special about autumn in the city. Our fireplace is again in use and Eccleston Square garden is more beautiful than ever. There’s nothing better than strolling around in the garden, breathing crisp air and experiencing the change of season. Visit Eccleston Square Hotel (don’t miss our Autumn in the City promotion!) and gain access to one of London’s famous private gardens and take the time to visit the amazing parks around the city; here’s our top list:

1. Hyde Park

Not a secret really, is it? This gigantic park in the middle of the city is a must and hard to miss when visiting London. Enjoy a cappuccino on the café by the lake and get lost amongst the 4000 trees – Hyde Park will keep you amazed for hours.

How to get to Hyde Park from Eccleston Square Hotel?

Walk: 20 minutes (map)

Public transport: Take bus 702 from Victoria Coach station to Hyde Park corner. It’s a 10 minute ride.

Taxi: 10 minutes

2. St James’s Park

This is a true hidden diamond nestled in between three Royal Palaces and a beautiful lake housing the famous pelicans.

How to get to St James’s park from Eccleston Square Hotel?

Walk: 20 minutes (map)

Public transport: Take District or Circle line (tube) to St James’s Park (1 minute ride)

Taxi: 10 minutes

3. Battersea Park

Located just on the other side of the Thames river, Battersea Park is the perfect park for jogging and powerwalking when staying at Eccleston Square Hotel. On one side you have the Thames riverside and on the other you have beautiful fountains, flower arrangements and the impressive Buddhist monument.

How to get to Battersea Park from Eccleston Square Hotel?

Walk: 15 minutes (map)

Public transport: Take bus 44 to Battersea Park Station. It’s a 6 minute ride.

Taxi: 10 minutes

4. Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens is located in a beautiful part of the city and we can guarantee a relaxing and pleasing stroll. This park is the home of Kensington Palace, which is definitely worth visiting and if you fancy an Afternoon Tea we can strongly suggest you enjoy it in ‘the Orangery’ on the grounds.

How to get to Kensington Gardens from Eccleston Square Hotel?

Walk: 40 minutes (map)

Public transport: Take Circle line (tube) to High Street Kensington from Victoria station. It’s a 11 minute ride.

Taxi: 20 minutes

5. Richmond Park

Want to experience true nature in London? Then this is the place to visit. Home of around 650 free roaming deer, Richmond Park is the biggest of London’s 8 Royal Parks. It’s great for picnic in summer but this time of year we would recommend a visit to Pembroke Lodge, a beautiful café with magnificent views.

How to get to Richmond from Eccleston Square Hotel?

Walk: We recommend not to, it’s cold outside! But if you’re a hiker – it’s a 2h15min walk.

Public transport: Take District line (tube) to Richmond from Victoria station. It’s a 30-minute ride.

Taxi: 35 minutes

So, when visiting London this autumn – don’t miss out on all the beautiful parks and gardens around the city! Also, you don’t want to miss out on our Autumn in the City promotion which gives you 20% off our best available rate. Use promocode AUTUMN in the promo box or book here

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